How to build Extra demo homepage

You must have landed on the Extra theme by Elegant Themes’s demo and liked the way it looks (all of us did), and so you wanted to build that layout on your own site but you couldn’t figure out how or why Elegant Themes don’t add that as a ready-to-use layout!? Well, in this post we will address all of that so let’s begin : )

Have you wondered why Elegant Themes didn’t include the homepage as a layout?

The reason why -in my opinion- is because that homepage was built on posts mainly. Even if you got the Category layout it won’t look good on your site as it does on the demo. You will probably load it on a site without posts -or just a few- and then it will look horrible. There’s also the way posts are displayed (based on categories), you won’t have the same settings as they do, so it’s almost pointless to share the layout if you ask me and that is why they don’t share it (again this is just my opinion)

How to achieve the layout?

So here you go the first thing you should do is having enough posts with featured images (thumbnails) You need to have a lot of them assigned to a few categories.
The way I setup that homepage here is by having 27 posts (all of them have featured images) and 5 categories, each category have 5 to 7 posts. So make sure you have something close to that. If you don’t, download the following file: Dummy Posts, unzip it and import the XML file from Dashboard => Tools => Import. It will add a few dummy posts and categories to start with.
After that, the rest is easy. You simply need to add modules. Nothing special about that, no settings or codes are required. Just drag and drop the modules in your Category Builder homepage layout.
But you don’t need to that : ) I have the layout ready for you to load. Simply follow these instructions:

  1. Download the layout here. Then unzip the file.
  2. Go to your Category Layout and edit the homepage layout (or whatever layout you are using for this).
  3. Use the portability system by clicking the two arrows (screenshot).
  4. Import the JSON file you have extracted from the downloaded file.

Now all you have to do is changing the categories from the modules settings. Make sure you display the correct posts by selecting the right categories.

That’s all! Have fun : )